in is down!

Το γνωστό file hosting site είναι κάτω τις τελευταίες ώρες! Δεν γνωρίζουμε ακόμα τον λόγο…

Αντιγράφω από blog comments που διάβασα με κάθε επιφύλαξη…

” On 19 January 2007, news broke that German collections agency GEMA had claimed to have won a temporary injunction against both and “The latter is said to have used copyright protected works of GEMA members in an unlawful fashion,”.[4] To date RapidShare has claimed not to have any knowledge of the content uploaded by the users and of not being in a position to control the content. Through its injunctions the District Court in Cologne had now however made it clear to the company that the fact that it was the users and not the operator of the services that uploaded the content onto the sites did not, from a legal point of view, lessen the operator’s liability for copyright infringements that occurred within the context of the services, the spokesman added. Currently rapidshare is not working.”

Ελπίζω να μην είναι νομικό το θέμα!

Ας περιμένουμε να δούμε την εξέλιξη!

20.01 rapidshare is back


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